Memorable clients

? The camel trainer from the US
? Stéphane, the Captain of an icebreaker from Canada and his girlfriend Guilène
? The Australian hung-over barman hanging out of the car window…..
? Louise, the UK nurse living in Australia sending over sun screen, keen on eye candy
? Cristina, the singing Brazilian dentist and her DJ husband Nizo
? Julie & Stéphane, the French couple from Paris who got emotional seeing the Andean mountain range during the hot springs tour
? Bud, the horseback riding lawyer from Texas
? Jodie, the undercover writer for Lonely Planet with whom we operated on a dog in the fields…
? Niome, the German horseback riding Chilean heartbreaker with her crazy landlord
? Crista, Hans with the Mustache and Brigitte….so much fun on many day trips
? The 2 elderly ladies who went to Cajon del Maipo got a private rodeo
? The horseback ride by moonlight with an abundant BBQ were everybody fell buy augmentin xr online asleep next to campfire (Olivier & co, Niome, Crista)
? Irish monkey whose horse walked underneath and got caught up in the branches…
? The American man who proposed to his girlfriend on his knees with a white horse on top of the Andean hills
? The 3 cowgirls on top of the hill at 2.500 m high photographed as Charlie´s Angels in long Australian chaps on a 2 day horseback riding trip
? The 3 Italian Opera singers, Laura, Bruno & Francisco (from origin Argentine), whose voices pleasantly resounded through the hills while horse riding…
? Miles and his wife Marion from Australia, whom accompanied Suzanne in buying a 100 year old Singer sewing machine while at a tour in Valparaiso
? Amy Lee and her son Dion… impressive life story about a very strong woman, from Chinese background, living in Vancouver and self-made business woman and single parent of 3 children