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Horseback ride from Santiago with Chile Off Track- Boutique Tour Company

Horseback Riding

Join us for a 3 hour horseback ride through Santiago’s rugged Cordillera, guided by local Arrieros (cowboys). Take in the stunning vistas and admire the abundant flora & fauna from horseback.

Hiking Tours from Santiago with Chile Off Track

Andes Hiking Tour

Enjoy a beautiful day in out in one of the private pristine parks in the Andes, close to Santiago.

Chile Off Track Private Observatory Santiago


The Chilean Sky is famous for is crystal clear vision of the infinity of our universe. Let yourself be taken out of this world getting a glance of the immense skies above us.

Tour to Valparaiso from Santiago with Chile Off Track

Valparaiso Chile

Take in the faded grandeur of this unique harbor town, nestled between the sea and the forested coastal mountain range. In 2003, Valparaiso, meaning “the valley of paradise”, was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Food and Wine Pairing Tour

Food & Winery Tour

Food and Wine Pairing Tour: for those who LOVE Wine & Food we have selected the best combination for you!

Cajón del Maipo & Winery

Millions of years ago, the Cajón del Maipo was submerged under sea water and one can see the evidence of this by the interesting rock formations and various fossils dating back to that era.

Highlights of the City Tour Santiago with Chile Off Track

Santiago Tours – City Highlights!

Let us take you through history of time from the old Spanish colonial city of Pedro de Valdivia to a modern vibrating hub in Latin America.

Isla Negra and Pomaire Tour from Santiago with Chile Off Track

Isla Negra & Pomaire Tour

Join us on a half day visit to the most famous little artisan ceramic producing village of Pomaire!

Wine Tours from Santiago

Emiliana & Bodegas RE Wine Tour

For those who do not like to spot steel tanks on the production site of a vineyard, then Emiliana & Bodegas RE is the best choice for you! Immerse yourself in nature and get introduced to the ancient ways of wine production!

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