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Chile and it’s Clear Skies

Chilean Skies The dark Chilean skies provide the best opportunities for astronomy on our planet. Pictures of twinkling stars in glowing gas or spiral galaxies of mesmerizing grandeur are obtained with the world’s largest optical telescopes dotted around the Chilean Atacama desert. The Atacama desert is considered the world’s driest desert, and it is this extremely low humidity which is a key ingredient to secure challenging astronomical observations. Not only

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History of Chilean Rodeo

Chilean rodeo has a history reaching back over 400 years but was not recognized as a national sport until 1962 by the Chilean Olympic Committee (Comité Olímpico Chileno). Chilean rodeo’s history begins somewhere between the years of 1557 and 1561 when the first “huasos” (Chilean cowboys & horse riders) began going up into the Andes to herd the season’s new calves back to the city to be branded and sorted.

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History of Chilean Wines -The Spanish Conquistadors

The history of Chilean wine begins with the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the territory we now know as Chile. The first vines were introduced to the territory between 1541 and 1554; according to French scientist Claudio Gay, the first plantations were founded in the city of La Serena before 1548 with the very first grape harvest in 1551 overseen by the conquistador commanders Francisco de Aguirre, Pedro de Cisternas

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5 Best Hiking Tours Near Santiago

When visiting Santiago de Chile, your attention will be most probably drawn by the beautiful mountains surrounding the city. During winter time, the snow-capped mountains provide the city –which hosts Latin America’s largest shopping center, Costanera Center- with a unique view. Sky enthusiasts will spend their days at the Ski centers that are located 50 km (31 miles) just an hour and a half from Providencia district. There are not

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5 special Wineries to visit around Santiago

One of the top things on your list when visiting Chile should be to visit a winery.  The central region of Chile has a number of wineries and you can even find several in Santiago. Yes, even in this metropolitan city you can find someone of the oldest wineries in the country. We know a thing or two about Chilean wine so we came up with a list of our

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5 Best places to go Horseback Riding in Chile

Chile is by far the dream destination for horseback riding lovers! Have you ever wanted to wander through the Andes on horseback, or like America’s song “Been through the Desert on a Horse with No Name”? Chile with its endless nature and few internal borders offers endless possibilities for horseback rides. You can go for the day or for several days or dive deep into the jungle for a trail

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Cajon del Maipo tour from Santiago
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Food and Wine Pairing Tour
Winter in Santiago_Chile Off Track

5 Reasons to Winter in Santiago

Perhaps you’re starting to put away your heavy sweaters and scarves, but before you do, you should know the snow is starting to dust the high peaks off to the east of Santiago — a truly idyllic winter scene. Chile is a wonderful place to visit in winter! Here are 5 reasons you should keep your cold weather gear at the top of the drawer and close to your suitcase. 

5 Reasons to Summer in Santiago

While Europe, the U.S., and Canada are pulling out heavy sweaters and winter jackets from their closets, Chile is getting ready for a long and warm summer, filled with sunny blue skies during the day and cool nights thanks to the Andes Mountains! Even with high temperatures during the day in Santiago, at night the temperature always drops by at least 10 degrees which is perfect for sleeping! Chile has been

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Fiestas Patrias in Chile: The Start of the Chilean Summer

Fiestas Patrias: The colorful traditions in Chile on the 18th of September burst out alive to celebrate their independence from the Spanish Conquistadores. Are you ready for some tasty asado while watching the cueca dance? The 18th of September or the “Dieciocho” is, without a doubt, the most popular and most celebrated national holiday of Chile! Fiestas Patrias Fiestas Patrias started as a celebration to celebrate their independence from the

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Stargazing in Chile: A Must-Do During Your Stay

Chile is a fantastic holiday destination. From the Atacama desert to Patagonia – you won’t be bored for a minute! Have you ever explored the universe through a telescope? Near Santiago, we found a private Observatory hidden in the Andes Mountains where an Astronomer can take you into the wonders of stargazing! Chilean Skies – stargazing at an Observatory There are a number of observatories in Chile due to the

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