Horseback Trail Ride Patagonia Lago Rupanco
Horseback Trail Ride Patagonia Lago Rupanco
Horseback Trail Ride Patagonia Lago Rupanco
Horseback Trail Ride Patagonia Lago Rupanco
Horseback Trail Ride Patagonia Lago Rupanco
Horseback Trail Ride Patagonia Lago Rupanco
Horseback Trail Ride Patagonia Lago Rupanco
Horseback Trail Ride Patagonia Lago Rupanco
Horseback Trail Ride Patagonia Lago Rupanco

Rustic Patagonia Trip

Only a 1000 km from Santiago with a flight to Osorno, you embark on a unique adventure.

Just a short flight to Osorno from Santiago, you can begin to embark on a unique adventure with our Rustic Patagonia Trip. In one of the most pristine lakes of Chile, there is a small Bed & Breakfast owned by a local family, where you can undertake various activities such a fly fishing, hiking, horseback riding and bird spotting.

Enjoy the breath-taking views of the snow-capped volcanoes Puntiagudo & Casablanca and the intense turquoise waters of the Rupanco Lake. The surrounding woods consist of temperate rainforest and host blue lagoons, waterfalls, swamps and wild rivers. This is a unique gem of untamed nature and a true privilege to experience it!

Bed & Breakfast:
Sandra & Luis are thrilled to receive you in their home or one of the cabins they have. Sandra has taken several cooking classes and every meal is a treat! As they live in such a remote area, all meals are home cooked, bread is home-made, salmon comes from the lake, meat from their animals and fruit from their vegetable garden! She makes delicious sopaipillas with a home-made salsa of smoked red chili peppers.
The beds are comfortable and the sheets are clean and warm. If you are cold a night you can light a fire in the Bosca.
Sandra & Luis don’t speak any English so it is an opportunity to practice your Spanglish :)
We would be more than happy to assist you via phone if you need it.

Natural Hot Springs:
After a short 30 min boat trip, you will embark on one of the natural beaches around the Rupanco lake. There you can dig your own hole in the volcanic shore of the lake and create your own natural Jacuzzi or you can opt for a swim in the crystal clear waters of the lake!
For lunch, we’ll collect firewood and make a small fire to heat our prepared lunch or enjoy a BBQ. Tea or coffee? You can collect water from the lake in a teapot and boil the water!

Fly Fishing:
The Rupanco Lake is one of the most pristine lakes of Chile with 7 rivers providing it a constant fresh water supply. You can enjoy fly fishing for the day by boat or from shore.

There are several beautiful trails to explore on your own or with a guide. You can return to the B&B or decide to spend the night camping.

Bird Spotting:
There are lots of different birds to spot such as different types of Duck, Kolibri, Kingfishers, and Cormorants. There are also several birds of prey in the area, such as the Chuncho, the Trauco, the Tiuque, the Peuco and Harriers.

Horseback Riding:
If you have horseback experience there are some amazing day rides which can also be prolonged with an overnight stay in another B&B with a local Mapuche family! You will be riding 6 hours a day.
If you don’t have any experience, you can ask Luis to lead you for a 1 or 2-hour experience along the lake.

Getting there:
You need to consider a full travel day to get there and a full travel day to get back.
From Osorno to the Lake: 112 km of which 70 km is an unpaved road. We can arrange a private transfer to pick you up from the Osorno airport.
From the Lake to the B&B: It is 1,5 hours by boat and then by tractor 20 minutes to the B&B.

Available November till May.
NB: January there are some “bichos” (bugs) called coliguachos that are annoying in warm and wind still spots.

Costs: please let us know how many days you would like to go and what kind of activities you would like to do, so we can tailor your tour!

What’s included?
⊕ Bed and breakfast
⊕ Lunch
⊕ Dinner
⊕ Private transfer 2 ways
⊕ Boat trip 2 ways
⊕ Booked excursions

What’s not Included:
⊕ Ticket to Osorno Airport
⊕ Extra booked excursions
⊕ Modifications to the itinerary

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