The Story behind Chile Off Track

Hi! I am Suzanne, originally from the Netherlands and the proud owner & founder of Chile Off Track since 2008.

I am a huge animal & nature lover, which is the main reason I started Chile Off Track: to share the beauty of Chile’s nature and specifically the area around Santiago, which has many beautiful but hidden spots, which you can only get to know through a local.

Leaving the lobby industry in Brussels, I moved to Chile in 2008 and this was before smartphones, whatsapp and google maps. It was the time of finding your way through road maps and illegible mini city street maps….it was one big adventure. Once simply driving around Santiago I was pulled over by the police since I was apparently driving against traffic.  After extensively explaining, I was let off the hook by the “bad cop”. Following this the “good cop” trying to make small talk, asked what I thought of the Chilean people and I candidly answered they were very ” caliente” = warm/ hospitable, as I saw his face crunch up in a weird grimace… I realized I had said something wrong and just got away as quickly as possible. After the adrenaline of the situation sank down I realized I had said the Chileans were very horny…

Anyways, my Chilean adventures had just started and in my 4×4 pick-up truck with my newfound street dog Spanky I explored all of Chile’s 4000 km long country, making side trips left and right into the country. I drove from Santiago by car to the Atacama Desert, with Spanky in the back. I drove as far as possible to the South and fell in love with the Lake District and the wild scenery.Spanky Off Track

Chile for me is the country where I discovered my passion for wine and learned much about it at many of the great wineries. It’s also the country where I can saddle a horse and disappear for days, horseback riding either through the rugged Andes Mountains near Santiago or into wild native rainforest for days, crossing fields of dried lava rivers without meeting another human soul. The country where you can meet native Mapuches that live so isolated, it takes them at least 9 hours on horseback to reach the nearest point of civilization. The land of volcanoes & natural hot springs. Magical

Through our tours we want to share our passion for Chile’s breathtaking nature, animals and wine with you! With more than a decade of adventures we will guarantee you have a unique experience! 

See you soon!

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