Winery Tour Santiago Chile
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Winery Tour Santiago Chile Off Track
Winery Tour Santiago Chile
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Chile Off Track Boutique Tour Company Santiago Wineries

Emiliana & Bodegas RE

The Emiliana vineyard is a pioneer in organic biodynamic winemaking in South America. You can spot sheep, alpacas & chickens that roam freely. Bodegas RE reintroduces ancient ways of producing wine in immense amphorae

Emiliana & Bodegas RE Winery Tour

For those who do not like to see steel tanks on the production site of a vineyard, Emiliana & Bodegas RE is the best choice for you! Immerse yourself in nature and get introduced to the ancient ways of wine production!

The Emiliana vineyard is a pioneer in organic biodynamic winemaking in South America. During the tour, you can spot sheep, alpacas & chickens that roam freely followed by a tasting of their premium wines, 2 white & 2 red. Nice detail: in their wine shop, you can also buy homemade honey, olive oil, and alpaca wool!
If you have a chance, try to get a bottle of Coyam (red) 

Bodegas RE reintroduces ancient ways of producing wine in immense amphorae. Combining traditional ways with today’s knowledge enables them to produce beautiful premium wines! Bodegas RE belongs to the Morandé family, 9 generations of wine producers in Chile.
A real gem is their “Vigno” label, produced with 100% of Carignan grapes 
We also we recommend the Chardonnoir 

In between the 2 tastings we will have lunch in an amazing gourmet restaurant with again plenty of choice for a good glass of wine!

Both of these  wineries are located in the Casablanca Valleyfamous for its production of cool climate wines due to its geographical position. The Casablanca Valley offers an excellent wine terroir due to the combination of sloppy hills, poor soil, extreme temperature variations between day and night, which results in a slow-ripening process.

You will be picked up at 09.00 and returned by 17.00 to your hotel. Drive time is about 1-hour drive from Santiago


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In the last 20 years, Chile has explored areas outside of the traditional Maipo Valley and has moved vineyards to cooler micro-climates like Casablanca and Colchagua. This led to new productions outside of the traditional Cabernet Sauvignon – like Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling and extraordinary blends cheap keflex like the Chardonnoir (Bodegas RE).
The arrival of Chilean wines in the established old world wine production caused a proper “terremoto”: Chile showed the world its wines can compete with the Super Tuscans and traditional Bordeaux wines at much more accessible prices.

When the old world came to Chile, the traditional winemakers from Italy and France immediately recognized Chile’s potential for its steady climate, quality of soil and unspoiled natural conditions. Due to its geography Chile is much like an island which very much protects its flora & fauna. Therefore we can often find grape varieties back in Chile, which is now extinct in Europe due to the Phylloxera plague.
By the end of the 19th century the Phylloxera plague pretty much destroyed all of Europe’s wine grapes, most notably in France. An example of a grape variety that has been found back in Chile is the Carmenère grape in the Aquitania winery in Santiago.

In the 90’s Chileans discovered the potential in the wine industry which led to an enthusiastic new generation of winemakers and viticulturists. Along with the more traditional buildings marked by its European influence of the wine experts from the Old world, a whole new wave of modern architecture has embarked upon the Chilean wine houses, with amazing creations like Viña Vik or Casa Lapostolle wineries.

Chile’s fast progress using new technologies applied to old winemaking traditions has made it possible to move around mass market labels and to create high level quality wines – unique to Chile.
Finesse, elegance, diversity, complexity & authenticity are the signature to Chile’s world class premium wines!

The Emiliana & Bodegas RE Winery Tour is available Tuesday through Sunday, all year around.
Group of 2 people: 170 USD per person
Group of 4 people: 159 USD per person
Group of 6 people: 145 USD per person


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What’s included?

⊕ Private transport
⊕ Bilingual guide
⊕ Two winery tours & tastings
⊕ Two bottles of mineral water & crackers

Price does not include:
⊕ Optional gratuities for guides & drivers
⊕ Lunch
⊕ Items of personal nature
⊕ Travel insurance

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