Step into the magical Andes Mountains.

Enjoy a gorgeous day out in one of the pristine parks in the Andes Mountains
Andes hike - people walking downhill

Best-kept secret!

Our hiking tour in the Andes Mountains close to Santiago is one of the best-kept hiking secrets!

Santiago is located in the central valley of Chile, in one of the 5 natural zones of Chile which stretches from the Andes on the east till the Pacific Ocean on the west. Here we find mostly a Mediterranean climate with dry, hot & long summers and rainy winters. The Central Valley hosts a high percentage of endemic tree/plant species.

In order for the plants/trees not to lose water through evaporation, many plants have adapted over time and have grown hard leaves, also known as a Sclerophyll vegetation. The word “Sclerophyll” comes from the Greek sklēros (hard) and phyllon (leaf) which stay evergreen


All year hiking!

The wonderful thing  is that we can hike our trail throughout the whole year! In each season our Andes hiking tour is absolutely stunning. Don’t forget to take plenty of water with you… and we provide a gorgeous picnic, snacks and of course some Chilean vino!

Chile’s climate is as unique as its landscape. There are at least 7 major different climate types all hosted in one country: desert & semi-arid climates in the north,  a Mediterranean climate in Central Chile and humid subtropical climates in Easter Island. 

 Summer runs from December to February and winter from June to August. Due to its varied geography the weather is very diverse and sometimes unpredictable, depending on which area of the country you are in.


Hiking adventure in the Andes!

If you are looking for a bushwalking adventure, exploring hiking trails in the Andes Mountains, enjoying great food & wine, connection with nature… then join us on this wonderful Andes Day Hike!

We believe that Chile offers the most dramatic and varied landscapes on earth… but of course we are biased!  Due to its unique geography, Chile stands out from all its neighbouring countries. In many ways, it is like an island because natural borders cut it off: the desert in the North, the Andes Mountain range alongside the East and Antarctica in the South. This geographical isolation provides a safe haven for its flora & fauna, passionately protected by the Ministry of Agriculture. 


Join us

Come join our hiking tour in the Andes and enjoy a beautiful day out.