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  • Santiago Chile - houses seaview Valparaiso From: $199.00 p.p.

    Discover the hidden beauty of this unique harbor town in Chile called Valparaiso. Admire the beautiful murals, street artists, historical sites, & delicious seafood. Enjoy a boat ride in the harbour or visit the museum house of Pablo Neruda!

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  • Horseback Riding Tour Santiago Horseback Riding From: $185.00 p.p.

    Take in the stunning views and admire the abundant flora & fauna on our horseback riding tour from Santiago. Suitable for beginners and experienced riders!

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  • Observatory Tour Santiago Chile Observatory From: $259.00 p.p.

    Stargazing at a private observatory located in the Andes at a short drive from Santiago, offers an impressive introduction into the world above us.

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Fiestas Patrias in Chile

Fiestas Patrias: The colorful traditions in Chile on the 18th of September burst out alive to celebrate their independence from the Spanish Conquistadores. Are you ready for some tasty asado while watching the cueca dance? The 18th of September or the “Dieciocho” is, without a doubt, the most popular and most celebrated national holiday of Chile!

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Chilean Rodeo

Chilean Rodeo has a history reaching back over 400 years but was not recognized as a national sport until 1962 by the Chilean Olympic Committee (Comité Olímpico Chileno). Chilean rodeo’s history begins somewhere between the years of 1557 and 1561 when the first “huasos” (Chilean cowboys & horse riders) began going up into the Andes to herd the season’s new calves back to the city to be branded and sorted.

The first ever Chilean rodeos were held in the Plaza de Armas of Santiago. These early rodeos would often last for days and would place a great amount of strain on the huasos that participated. To cope with the stress and fatigue the rodeos caused them, the huasos turned the rodeo into a game assigning points for the manner in which the calves were separated from the heard.

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