Responsible Travel

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⊕ We use the leave no trace policy for our tours & clean up after ourselves
⊕ We use hiking trails in national parks with which we support for their maintenance, cleanness and preservation
⊕ We teach visitors & locals about nature here in Chile and make them aware & care
⊕ We teach our visitors about local culture, customs & history
⊕ We use local providers for our horse tours and support their families
⊕ We take our visitors to small artisan shops & communities to support their initiatives
⊕ We use accommodation facilities owned by local families in the South of Chile for our longer tours and help to sustain them
⊕ We use the newest vehicles with the least possible emission
⊕ We use local drivers to help to support them & their families
⊕ We use recycled paper bags for our visitors with healthy snacks & fruit
⊕ We purchase local artisan ceramics as a small gift to thank our visitors for traveling with us
⊕ We use local people to assist us in our daily activities, such as finance & web maintenance
⊕ We run a virtual office and do 99% on the computer = less paper work
⊕ We have a virtual office; our people work from home = no commuting
⊕ We have a supportive work environment with personalized working arrangements

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