Self Drive Holidays in Chile

Would you like to rent a car and plan your own self drive holiday in Chile? Did you hear about our famous Ruta 5 of almost 3363 km long? It stretches from the far north to the far South and the road conditions are excellent! We provide you with a suggested itinerary and book your accommodations along the way. You have the ultimate freedom of getting from point A to point B each day and we can also suggest you day trips.

As a Boutique tour Company we provide you with unique getaways, cozy places, private guides, special tips to help you plan your journey. We give you directions, calculate the distances, provide you with safety tips, along with recommendations for restaurants.
You can rely on our local expertise to help you plan your perfect self drive holiday in Chile.



We can take care of your transfer. When possible, a pick up or drop off can be combined with a tour.
Contact us for options.