Chile Off Track offers tours for everybody:

Tours in Nature: sunset horseback rides in the Andes, day-treks amidst flora and fauna found only in our beautiful corner of the world.

City tours in Santiago, winery tours and excursions to Valparaiso. All our tours follow our ethos of creating unique, personal adventures.

Our main mission, however, is still to take you outside the city to green and happy places, to share Chile‘s amazing nature sights, which are sometimes located just out of the city of Santiago! Even when we take you on a city tour, we still take you on the roads less traveled through the back streets, full of local life, to share our inside knowledge of this wonderful place.

Suzanne l’Ami

Suzanne, owner & founder of Chile Off Track and Italy Off Track, holds the Dutch nationality and has a background in European Law & Policy. She decided to settle down in Chile after she left her political career in Brussels. She loves her 5 dogs & 2 cats and a horse! In summary: she is an animal loving globetrotter!

Suzie Adkisson

Suzie was born & raised in New York but lived all over the USA. A veteran of the wine industry, she enjoys all the amazing and beautiful secrets of Chile and this wonderful wine country. You can often find her outside exploring nature, enjoying the art & culture of the city or appreciating a fine glass of Chilean vino.

Lorraine Biaggi

Lorraine is an avid traveler and foodie, born in Puerto Rico, she relocated to Chile after living in Ecuador and the US. Her background is in marketing and has explored Chile from north to south! She loves to share with others the amazing places and variety of cultures Chile has to offer, along with great conversation & tips on where to find the best local cuisine and wines.

Claudia Galvéz

Originally from Santiago, Claudia spent many holidays at the foothills of the Cachapoal valley and her favorite leisure activity is horse riding. Claudia is a self-taught botanist and ornithologist; she is deeply familiar with the local species of the animal & vegetable kingdom. Hiking and bird watching are another of her favorite activities, as well as traveling.

Felipe Castillo

Felipe was born in Brazil and raised in the north of Chile. He studied anthropology and is well versed in market research. Always amazed about how beautiful nature is near Santiago, Felipe loves to take long walks, scenic horseback rides and enjoys a good conversation!


His specialties are the horseback riding tour and the trekking. He protects the group and serves as a compass for the routing of the tours. His skills in rabbit hunting and team building are outstanding.

Janine Gasca

Mexican who moved to China to learn to eat her veggies, found out she loved teaching and discovered her passion for the outdoors. While in China, she fell for a black Tibetan Mastiff and a talented Italian architect. Long story short… They moved to Chile! Janine adores climbing Saint Cristóbal’s, and Manquehue’s hills, normally cycle to work and escapes to surf or ski when time allows.

Gaston Gabarro

Gaston was born and raised in Edmonton, Canada. He’s lived in Chile during different points in his life, totalling over 15 years. His favourite cities in Chile are Valparaiso and Castro. When he’s not on a tour, he’s probably at home with his kids recycling and creating new things or artwork. He’s also very into rap music, graffiti and playing guitar.

Kim Aguayo

Originally from Chile, Kim was raised in Sweden where she studied Political Science. She lived and worked in London, Rio de Janeiro and San Pedro de Atacama where she also worked in tourism. Her biggest passion is the mixture of outdoor activities & photography, so Kim’s mission is to have our COT clients return home with beautiful photos of their trip to Chile.

Eduardo Macchino

Graphic Designer by education, horseback riding instructor by profession, Huaso for hobby and free-lance guide for Chile Off Track.

Walter Liewald

Walter has returned to Chile after living in 4 countries and 8 cities while working for a multinational. In his native Valparaiso, he loves to connect with international people and showing the finest places. Walter is also working as a Relocation & Property Investment agent, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you happen to want to buy a vineyard!

Francisca Alsua

Practicing artist and freelance guide, Fran grew up in Santiago surrounded by Chile’s wonderful landscape. Motivated by showing off the local culture as well as the amazing landscape, she takes great pride in introducing people to her home.