Incredible ride through the Andes

Highlight of our trip

We had an INCREDIBLE ride through the Andes, made even more memorable by our wonderful guide Janine! She was so friendly and easy to communicate with- answering questions and confirming pick up locations over WhatsApp before our tour even started.

Talking with Janine was like talking with an old friend, and on the drive to the ranch she pointed out landmarks and neighborhoods.

We were greeted at the ranch by horses, cats, dogs, and a handsome ranch hand! We went riding almost right away. Janine chatted to us easily about the landscape and surrounding area while gently guiding our horses and as well as encouraging them to pick up the pace!

We had so much fun riding up an down the steep hills while Janine took numerous photos so we could have pictures to remember the experience.

After the ride, Janine set up a delicious picnic for us complete with local wines and cheeses while we played with the 6week old puppies! If you love animals and nature-this is the trip for you. We were in puppy, cat and horse heaven!

Chile Off Track was professional and fun especially because of our wonderful guide! This adventure was the highlight of our 10 day trip to Santiago!

Lo. L Novato
California - USA

Great at tailoring a trip

Day Trip to Portillo in Summer

Great bilingual guide, great organization, really personal touch from this boutique agency. This is the third time I’ve had them organize a day trip for my visitors. They are really great at tailoring a trip to meet your requests!

We took an amazing drive up to Portillo, worth a visit even in summer because of the beautiful lagoon and the spectacular mountains. At their recommendation, on the way, we visited the Von Siebenthal boutique vineyard and were treated to a tour of this beautiful property. It was a treat to hear the owner’s very personal and passionate take on the production of fine wines. Next, lunch at an amazing French restaurant hidden in the Aconcagua valley, Le Maison de France, (also at their recommendation). Finally up to Portillo itself. A full day trip with no rushing.

Helen P

A wonderful tour

Sunset Horseback Ride

This was a wonderful tour. Janine picked us up and she was extremely pleasant. She made us feel comfortable and her and Orlando took us on a great ride (we had very little experience). The scenery is beautiful and we had a lovely picnic after the ride. would highly recommend this tour.

Wanda O

No better way to spend an afternoon in the mountains!

Our group of three had a great time with Chile Off Track, and would highly recommend! Their friendly and inviting staff made this experience enjoyable for all!


Great Hike in Yerba Loca

We had a great time hiking in the Yerba Loca area. Our guide, Gaston, was very knowledgeable. We are avid hikers and he adjusted the pace and the trajectory to suite our interests and abilities. The park is beautiful and you get good views of glaciers in the Andes. We enjoyed our lively discussions with Gaston on a range of topics. After the hike we had a very lovely lunch in the shade. All in all a delightful trip.

Steven S. Corvallis
Oregon - USA