Perhaps you’re starting to put away your heavy sweaters and scarves, but before you do, you should know the snow is starting to dust the high peaks off to the east of Santiago — a truly idyllic winter scene. Chile is a wonderful place to visit in winter!

Here are 5 reasons you should keep your cold weather gear at the top of the drawer and close to your suitcase. 

1. Sopaipillas Pasadas con Chancaca

Winter Food in Chile
Delicious Sopaipillas

Winter in Chile: these heavenly disks of sweet dough are a delicacy here in Chile especially when the rains start falling and the weather turns cold. Sopaipillas are a sweet fry bread made with butternut squash and flour. These sopaipillas are made extra sweet (literally) because they are then glazed with a molasses-type syrupy goodness. In Santiago, you’ll find these in the Vega – the largest open-air market – any day of the year; and we know the best stall to visit to introduce you to these sweet treats on our Santiago Highlights tour.

2. Snow in the Andes

Andes Mountains
Snow-capped Andes Mountains

You’ll rarely find snow in the actual city of Santiago. When it rains during the winter, you know that just east in the Andes, snow is dumping like crazy. The ski resorts and little towns nestled at the base of these high peaks are great places to visit and enjoy crisp mountain air. It’s pretty unique when you can go from seeing palm trees down in the city to feet of snow in the the mountains! Check out our Andes Mountains & Winery Tour where you can hit the slopes and end your day with a nice glass of Chilean wine. There are enough fun things do to during winter tie in Chile!

3. Two words: Red Wine

Family-Owned Wineries
Winery Tour Santiago

Winter is the perfect season for drinking red wine. Who are we kidding? Any season is a good season to drink wine! However, the full-bodied and warming red wines of Chile are even more fantastic in the evenings to keep you warm. Chile is known for producing some of the best reds in South America, especially the Chilean-famed Carménère wine. We’ll take you to sample some of our favorites wines with a variety of tours that we offer.

4. Celebrating Good Fortune in Valparaiso

Valparaiso tour Santiago

There’s a lot to celebrate in the important port town of Valparaiso, but a visit during the Fiesta de San Pedro, which happens during the last weekend in June, you’ll truly experience the spirit of this city. Fishermen are honored all along the coast of Chile during this festival for the hope of good fortune, but Valparaiso is the best place to view the lovely spectacle of decorated boats, lit with candles and color as they float along the coastline. What better way to be a part of bringing in the good fortune?

5. Snowshoeing in the Cajon de Maipo

Snow Shoe Trekking - Santiago Chile - snowshoe
Snowshoe Trekking

A visit to Chile wouldn’t be complete without taking advantage of the natural beauty of this country. Getting off the beaten path and enjoying the silence and serenity of the mountains as you crunch through the snow by snowshoe is easy – and it’s just a few hours from Santiago. We can help you forget about your day-to-day and just enjoy the naturaleza on foot!