Dream tours for horseback riding lovers

With its endless nature and great climate Chile is the best destination for horseback riding lovers

Chilean Criollo horses

Our the sturdy & sure-footed Criollo horses lead us through a myriad of absolutely stunning trails in the Andes Mountains close to Santiago! 

The Chilean horse or Chilean Corralero is the oldest registered native South American horse breed and the oldest registered breed of Iberian origin.

The first Chilean horses arrived from former fertile lands in Peru. The native Indians of Chile, called Mapuche, were excellent horseman and started to breed the Chilean Criollo as war horses. By the 17th century, Chile had obtained the reputation of having the best horses in South America. They are extremely sure-footed, temperamental when asked and can cover any terrain due to the fact many horses are set to roam free in the Andes Mountains during selected periods of the year.


Most dramatic and varied landscapes on earth...

Step into the world of the Chilean Arrieros (cowboys) and live an amazing experience at our local ranch! Learn everything about the Chilean horse traditions and top-off our day with a gorgeous picnic with local goodies & Chilean vino of course!


We believe that Chile offers the most dramatic and varied landscapes on earth…. but of course we are biased!   Due to its unique geography, Chile stands out from all its neighbouring countries. In many ways it is like an island because it is cut off by natural borders: the desert in the North, the Andes Mountain range alongside the East and Antarctica in the South. This geographical isolation provides a safe haven for its flora & fauna, passionately protected by the Ministry of Agriculture.


All year horseback riding!

Luckily for us we can horseback ride throughout the whole year in the Santiago area! Our ranch is one of our best-kept secrets for amazing horseback riding trails close to Santiago with absolutely stunning views!

Chile’s climate is as unique as its landscape. There are at least 7 major different climate types all hosted in one country: Desert & semi-arid climates in the north, a Mediterranean climate in Central Chile and humid subtropical climates in Easter Island. 

In general, Chile experiences the 4 seasons of the year. Summer runs from December to February and winter from June to August. Due to its varied geography, the weather is very diverse and sometimes unpredictable, depending on which area of the country you are in.


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Join us on our popular 3-hour horseback riding tour through Santiago's rugged Cordillera.