The best place on earth for stargazing

Let yourself be taken out of this world with Chile's crystal clear vision of the infinity of our universe.
Observatory Tour Santiago Chile

Stargazing in Chile

Amazing opportunity to connect with the universe through our telescopes! Leave the world as you know behind for a moment and zoom-out!

Chile has many observatories due to the fact that the country sits under some of the clearest skies in the world. These observatories are mainly used for research but now many have opened their doors for you to visit. Pictures of twinkling stars in glowing gas or spiral galaxies that will leave you mesmerised.

Astronomical Research in Chile

Join us on this unique opportunity close to Santiago to see the elements of the Southern Hemisphere! Learn more about the amazing world of our stars and galaxies that helped sailors & hunters to orientate in the old days.

The future of astronomical research in Chile looks bright. Astronomers around the world partake in the construction of ever bigger and better telescopes each year in Chile. Not only does Chile provide the best conditions for observations of large mirror telescopes like the VLT, the meteorological conditions are also beneficent for observations of radio waves from space. 


Must-see constellations in South America!

Connect with nature & the stars and observe the constellations that are a must-see in South America! In summer, you have the chance to observe nebulae, clusters and double stars. In winter, you can add Saturn, Mars and Jupiter to this. Did you know Chilean skies are the clearest in the world for stargazing?! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity while visiting Chile!

As unique as Chile’s landscape is, so is its climate. You will find at least 7 major different climate types all hosted in one country. In general, it is safe to say Chile experiences the 4 seasons of the year, although in some areas they are more marked than others. Summer runs from December to February and winter from June to August.


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