When the old world came to Chile the traditional winemakers from Italy and France immediately recognised Chile’s potential for its steady climate, quality of soil and unspoilt natural conditions.

Due to its geography Chile is much like an island which very much protects its flora & fauna. Therefore we can often find grape varieties back in Chile, which were extinct in Europe due to the Phylloxera plague. By the end of the 19th century the Phylloxera plague pretty much destroyed all of Europe’s wine grapes, most notably in France. An example of a grape variety that has been found back in Chile is the Carmenère grape in the Aquitania winery in Santiago.

In the 90’s cheap generic augmentin Chileans discovered the potential in the wine industry which led to an enthusiast new generation of winemakers and viticulturists. Along with the more traditional buildings marked by its European influence of the wine experts from the Old world, a whole new wave of modern architecture has embarked upon the Chilean wine houses, with amazing creations like Viña Vik or Casa Lapostolle wineries.

Chile’s fast progress using new technologies applied to old winemaking traditions has made it possible to move around mass market labels and to create high level quality wines – unique to Chile. Finesse, elegance, diversity, complexity & authenticity are the signature to Chile’s world class premium wines!